Joe Kelly has the Car Business in "His Blood"

Since he was 15, sweeping floors at a Jacksonville car auction, Joe Kelly has lived and breathed cars, trucks, SUV's, and vans. In 1978 Jake Sutherlin hired him. Since then, he has worked and learned his trade through that "family-owned" style at the #1 Isuzu dealer in the nation, the #1 Nissan dealer in the U.S., and from Big Joe Brett's GATOR Chrysler in '93 & '94- all Brevard County dealerships. Following successful stints at dealerships in South Florida and New Mexico, Joe accepted an offer from Big Joe Brett to return to GATOR as G.M.!

Joe Kelly is Co-owner, and G.M. of Gator Chrysler Dodge Jeep -Suzuki. There is not a more "HANDS ON" owner in Florida. Joe Kelly knows his new and used vehicle inventory like the back of his hard working hands!


"We work very hard to have the best used vehicle inventory available in all of Brevard County from our loyal customer trades, and by finding the vehicles that our market demands through auctions, so we can offer them to our customers," Joe adds. "And, if that means going direct to Detroit, or to St. Louis, or anywhere they are, that is exactly what we do, because you can never have too many top quality, low mileage choices for your customers."

"WE HAVE A USED CAR AD FEATURING OVER 100 TOP QUALITY, LOW-MILEAGE Cars, Trucks, SUV's and Vans EVERY SINGLE DAY in The Florida Today Car/Classified Section for our used vehicle buying public's convenience," Joe relays. "And, we change that Ad at least twice every week to try to make sure each Ad is as up-to-date as possible."

Joe Kelly beams as he speaks, "When it comes to Cars, Trucks, SUV's, and Vans, if you want a GREAT Used Ride, we ALWAYS have a TREMENDOUS SELECTION here for you at GATOR Chrysler-Suzuki!" He adds, "And, if together, we can't find what you need on our lot, we'll go to a local auction, a regional auction, a national auction, or to another dealership to find the vehicle you need." Joe concludes, "That's why we're here, this is what I LOVE TO DO!"


"At GATOR, our sales professionals have done so well, because they are trained to take the proper time to listen, and find out exactly what your needs are," Joe continues. "We pride ourselves on making sure we do whatever it takes to get you the new ride you desire, at a price you can afford," he adds.

"Over the years, working for people like Jake Sutherlin and Big Joe Brett, I really came to appreciate the "old school" car dealership owners who put their dealership "family" first in their lives," Joe offers. "Putting the customers' needs at the forefront of every mind in the company, really makes a difference, and that is what you need to look for when shopping for any vehicle," he adds. "As a customer, you should feel like you are becoming a part of the dealership's "family", and I guarantee that is what you will experience when you buy your vehicle at GATOR!"

Carlos Menendez has Servicing Vehicles in "His Blood"

Since the age of 16, changing oil and tires in high school, and then working at a Tampa dealership, Carlos Menendez has lived to service cars, trucks, SUV's, and vans. By 19, he had become a Certified Master Technician at Brandon Chrysler-Plymouth. He continued as a mechanic until 1989 when he became a Service Advisor. Carlos moved to Melbourne and joined Big Joe Brett's GATOR Chrysler in 1990 as the Service Director. He continued in that capacity through 2005, when Big Joe Brett began his semi-retirement from GATOR!

Carlos Menendez is Co-owner, and continues to oversee all aspects of the Service Department, as well as other Managerial duties at Gator Chrysler Dodge Jeep -Suzuki. He totally embraces the "family-oriented" style that GATOR is famous for.


"Without good employees, we wouldn't be able to satisfy our customers," Carlos explains. "All of our technicians are ASE certified and factory trained, and we pride ourselves on knowing these vehicles better than anyone." He adds, "We also have all the special tools and latest diagnostic equipment to get the job done right."

"We have technicians who have been here more than 17 years, and our parts manager has been with GATOR over 32 years," Carlos adds. "One of our full-service body shop techs has been here over 18 years, and we have administrative personnel who have been here over 22 years," he beams. "The longevity of GATOR employees is a great indicator of how well we treat our employees and in-turn, how well GATOR customers feel they are treated." Carlos continues, "When you service your vehicle at GATOR, you become part of our dealership's "family", and I guarantee you will see THE GATOR DIFFERENCE as a result!"


"Being recognized as a 5-STAR DEALER for over 17 years means we have a made a long-term commitment to providing each and every customer with the service they deserve," Carlos explains. "The honor is a result of quality customer satisfaction and fix-it-right scores, sales satisfaction scores, training that everyone in the entire dealership is required to take and pass, tools, equipment, facilities- all have to meet very high standards," he continues. "A team of examiners from Chrysler comes to our dealership every year to inspect our facility, take photos, and interview the entire management group," Carlos adds.

"Our team of mechanics include six Certified Master Technicians, four Suzuki-trained Techs, and provides total factory-trained expertise when it comes to any Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep issues," he states. "We also have an excellent ability to service Dodge Diesel Trucks, and our Techs take great pride in making sure every used vehicle we offer is safe and ready for the road- as we do a thorough multi-point inspection before each one is offered for sale," Carlos adds. "And, our Award-Winning Body Shop repairs all makes & models, and works with every insurance company," he concludes.